In this case you have to install the driver files manually which will be described in the following step 3. Automatic driver installation The driver installation will not be launched automatically during setup. Updating StudioX is simple and straight forward. In order to change the password you must be logged in. Last edited by Memphis3; at Is that the case? If the supplied drivers do not work with your operating system please see the chipset manufacturers website for alternative drivers.

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Last edited by Memphis3; at To access Custom Data like firmware update you need to register your device what means that you permanently link the device to your user account. In order to change the password you must be logged usb2sjs. If you connect your device you should see something like this as an example we will use a Microbeast Plus here: To access the device manager under windows type devmgmt.

This entry must disappear when you disconnect the Interface from the PC and re-appear when you connect it again. In this case you have to install the driver files manually which will be described in the following step 3. If you can’t open the installer by double click due to security permissions, right click on it and choose “Open”.


If not already done, login to the freakware Network with your email adress and open the freakware Network dialog again by clicking the fw button in the top left corner of StudioX: If so, what is different about channel 4?

Register Now In order to be able to post messages on the HeliFreak forums, you must first register. Execute the downloaded package and follow the instructions given. Check the notifications in the right corner of your task bar:.

That’s all you need to do. Download and installation 2.

USB2SYS (BTXA): Spektrum – The Leader in Spread Spectrum Technology

Extract usb2sjs content of the file to your harddisk here we extracted it to drive C: A confirmation mail will be sent to this address. Watch out for correct polarity!

Navigation menu Personal tools English Log in. Proceed through the installer by accepting the license agreement and clicking “Continue” and “Install”.


In case you’ve forgotten your current password and can’t log in you can request a new password after entering a wrong password 3 times in usb2shs “Login” dialog or simply click the “Login” button repeatedly.

Validate installation If the driver installation fails, you may see an error message with a red cross next to the device icon:. The freakware Network is our online network which is used to keep in touch with our customers and which is used to distribute firmware updates and other online content for our hardware devices.


Once your account is confirmed, you can log in using the Login tab. To control it with StudioX as Stand-Alone device, i.

Otherwise ussb2sys can force on of the following languages:. Separate power should be applied to the CH4 port of the Microbeast, per the instructions. Retrieved from ” https: Please make sure you’ve entered the correct email address and especially make sure this email is a valid freakware Network account!

It will not be powered from the USB port. From the “Update StudioX” dialog, you can press the “Download” button if an update is available. Then click on device manager in the upper left corner of the appearing window. Studio X will automatically link to it. The servo list on the wiki is helpful.

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