All these concerns about drivers and latency and “crackles” are simple non-issues on a Mini. When I started I used Fedora Linux as an audio system.. I have a PC with Atlon Duron 1. This is normally invisible but Kontaktplayer displays it in standalone mode. Syntogy uses an USB dongle that reqires a special Windows driver.

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I’m very interested to see how this pans out – it’s quite bizarre.

Fca202 asio driver

But anyway, Apple is unpayable for me. Do not compare the hardware specs between a Mini and a Asko PC because the biggest different is the software that yu don’t see.

Because there is no layering in can and does run some Windows software faster than Windows does. Please Support Our Advertisers.

It is a customized version.

I have quadruple checked it. That makes this stuff so confusing and error prone.

I am offline now – it is bedtime here. The latency is worse than average. Originally Posted by hpeterh No it must be more complicated.


Obviously the Kontakt standalone aasio prevents this because it needs some processing buffer. Now, asoi a MIDI file with soundfonds worked quite well. I tried a lot of things for example it is unclear, if it is better to use the controlpanel directly or if it should be invoked by Kontakt. Originally Posted by ChrisA. Originally Posted by sullivang Originally Posted by ChrisA It’s problem is that Wine is not a complete re-implementation and lacks some features.

Just look at any digital fcz202. If you have synthogy ivory then download their newest update and then you get performer for free. And I have several of them, too much to try them all. When I switch to DirectSound, a slider appears and I can then change the latency from within Kontakt. Even if you solve this problem, though, it looks like you’re going to have crackles, so I suppose it’s academic now!

The Firewire port allows more disk space to be added. That’s why I said a “Mini” which is just a 2. If only Kontakt4 asip Galaxy where available for it Also, are you able to actually adjust the latency inside Kontakt, using the FCA?

Recent Drivers  IBM 42C2069 DRIVER

I got fcz202 latency and crackles with Kontakt4.

problem using fca and asio in sonar | Cakewalk Forums

Yamaha C3X or Estonia by maggiezs. Subscribe Piano World PianoSupplies. Kimball Grand Pianowould it be a good purchase? Originally Posted by sullivang. This would become a waiting game without result.

However, they did a lot of customisation so I guess the comparison isn’t all that valid. This is probably hard to install and will probably fail after every Linux- or Wine Update.

Now, probably it measures true latencies, but it doesnt care much about crackles and not about the length of the processing buffer.

And the answers given are trivial and dont come to the point. It can display ultrashort latency times but it cannot process even normal total latencies of about 8ms without crackles.