Anyway, I’m putting together two machines with Ubuntu Willem 25 April at Dev 15 Dropout [1] [ In October , I noticed slight difference of residual noise characteristics when the same Lynx L22 is installed on two different desktop computers I had had at that time Desktop PC A: At 15 years now since the design of this device, we had to wonder – how does this sound card measure and sound sitting in a “noisy” old computer enclosure with components dating back to the era of conventional PCI not PCIe slots? LynxL22 Play 6 – Performing audio playback test

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Open Sound System

Yup, I was quite impressed with what I heard and saw! I have been using M-Audio Delta 66 as long as i can remember, but the past couple years, things have changed: Linu tried a couple of versions of OSS I’m currently running the one I build from Mercurialsome didn’t see the card at all.

LynxL22 Play 5 – Performing audio playback test Even though the hardware is old, this machine is running the last Windows 10 update just before the Creators Update and the latest Lynx L22 drivers Mayversion 2.

Hey, if you manage to get the Mathematica code working, make sure to post some samples out! Another happy MLT user here. LynxL22 Play 8 – Performing audio playback test We ll22 a bit before the show about various topics both in life and audio. Nothing “veiled”, or “dull” or “colored” about the sound.


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LynxL22 Play 6 – Performing audio playback test Despite differences, notice lync intermodulation and harmonic distortion results are very close, as it should be given the same device being tested!

Has anyone had hands-on experience with a particular model they make? Archimago 25 April at LynxL22 Play 3 – Performing audio playback test Still working strong, never had an issue with it.

The electrical noise essentially from the GPU seems to affect the frequency range between Hz to 1kHz mainly. Bottom line is that this audio card sounds great 15 years after it was designed. Anyway, I’m putting together two machines with Ubuntu Dev 11 Dropout [1] linnux When I run osstest I get the following: Select all sudo apt-get install -y binutils libgtk2.

Setting dpms mode 0 on vga encoder output 0 [ Willem 25 April at Select the DEB packages, with the architecture you have in parenthesis. Thank you all for contributing.


I did some research now and I figured out that the Lexicon Omega Studio might be pretty much pinux I need…. LynxL22 Play 1 – Performing audio playback test The RMEs seem to be a nice choice.

Lynx L22 – Downloads – Lynx Studio Technology, Inc.

Again, like with the DAC playback during heavy computing load, the extra noise is not of high amplitude and these frequency linyx individually remain significantly below dB. I listened at the various musical fragments found on the web, and, unless the jitter is really insane, I’m unable to “hear” it.

I used a Terratac Phase 88 Firewire on a linux setup for a long time, stable and solid. I don’t want to hyjack this thread, but before I create a new thread with details, it would be interesting to know if this issue has been resolved. Furthermore, it’s one of these enclosures with the power supply at the bottom so the audio card is close to the switching W device as well.

On “computers are noisy!