When the judges convene, Curt and Amy make the short list– Amy because she showed no signs of breaking down and Curt because when not distracted, he could be very competent. Canada’s Worst Driver 4 is the fourth season of Canada’s Worst Driver , a Discovery Channel Canada television series which seeks to improve the driving of eight nominated contestants, each of which trying to avoid being named Canada’s Worst Driver. Notably, Andrew, when demonstrating the challenge, also gets soaked for the first time in four Water-Tank Challenges , earning the ridicule of the show’s crew. The Verdict References Like previous series, each contestant is nominated by a loved one, and are taken to the Driver Rehabilitation Centre, located this year at an abandoned correctional facility in Guelph, Ontario. A Turn For the Worst Original airdate: Andrew, in narration, indicates that Donna’s license was still being reviewed by the province of Ontario and that after leaving the show, Donna sent an e-mail stating, “I’m going to lose my license thanks to your damn show” whether she actually did lose her license is not stated, though it’s heavily implied she did. Ashley screams through her run, but manages to learn how to use her mirrors.

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Instead of Donna’s run, Andrew discusses Donna’s driving problems, at one point taking her back to the scene of her out-of-control spinout from the ice-braking challenge.

Emily and Amy are driven to the edge, but eventually finish. Views Read Edit View history.

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Amy, who is performing the challenge on her wedding anniversary, only scratches the car once in her minute run. The Snake — The episode’s showcase challenge has the drivers move through a tight obstacle course through various slopes upwards, downwards, and to the sides. However, both Teagan’s oversteering and Emily’s poor vision caused them to hit many objects. Three experts return from Canada’s Worst Driver 3though Scott Marshall, head canad for the first three seasons, is not among them.

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Canada’s Worst Driver – Season 4, Episode 5: Episode 5: A Turn For the Worst –

Icy Corner — In this challenge, on a car lacking an anti-lock braking system, contestants must corner around a simulated ice patch. Canada’s worst driver S Ken, going second, is the first contestant to scratch the car Ashley, who went first, had managed to not hit anything, save for the boxes at the endwhile Emily cannot even reverse out liindsay the corner, getting her car stuck.

At the end, Emily admits to needing more rehab, while Amy, Teagan, and Donna are told that worsh will not graduate this episode. Ken, however, is also discovered to be colour-blind. It’s All Reverse Original airdate: In fact, Vance had refused to allow Curt to lindasy for over three years due to his driving record.

Afterwards, Andrew and the panel agree that Donna will be sent home in what Andrew terms an “anti-graduation”; she is taken away by limo and is last heard repeating she plans to keep driving, but slower. This perplexes the experts, so Andrew challenges Ashley to do the course in linssay. Part of this may be because he is so distracted, often he does not watch the road. Practice Makes Perfect Original airdate: Amy fails all five runs, but discovers that while making the shoulder check, she drifts her car to the right to overcompensate a natural leftwards drift when she turns her body.

Teagan and Amy are also given different cars — Teagan given a more powerful Camada Sunfire because he too drives stick-shift at home, wogst Amy given an Audi S6 due to her confidence issues. Meanwhile, on Ashley’s run, Andrew meets two tourists from Belgium who are fans of the show’s Belgian counterpart, Y’a pas pire conducteur.

Louisa Gembora is a psychologist operating out of Hamilton, who also races in her spare time.


Canada’s Worst Driver 6. Gembora’s and Phillipe’s eyes makes him the best driver. Amy only makes six moving violations, all while Bob plays the role of tourist. At the end, Emily admits to needing more rehab, while Amy, Teagan and Donna are told that they will not graduate this episode.

Lindsay Kloss

However, none of the contestants could avoid hitting the wall of boxes. Bryan is conspicuously quiet during Ashley’s run, while Teagan struggles through his second half.

This year, like the previous season, roughly half of the challenges are new to the series though some are inspired by challenges seen in previous yearswhile the other half, such as the initial drive to the Driver Rehabilitation Centre, the Eye of the Needle, the Water-Tank Challenge, the Mega-Challenge, and the series-ending road test, are returning from previous seasons. She drives a white Pontiac Sunbird. Ken finishes in four minutes with John barking orders at him, so when Andrew driving the fifth car in this challenge goes into the passenger seat and have John in the fifth carKen finishes with a perfect run including full lane change signalling, something he does not do at home in three minutes.

Amy, however, only manages when she manages to tune out Bob.

Ashley is clearly furious at the decision, to the point of refusing the trophy and wanting to move to another continent. Therefore, Lindsay becomes the next graduate. Andrew, in the end, declares that Lindsay was the better of the two lihdsay even had graduation in the bag before the Swerve and Avoid, but because she failed, no one graduates this episode. Forgot password Your login or e-mail: