Yeah, do not get discouraged! The Fuduntu project seems to do to Fedora what Mint does to Ubuntu. Many many bugs have been fixed http: Maybe it’s part of the fact that he wants to make a usable OS? We really appreciate the review. As you long as the distro fuduntu is snappy and responsive I will continue to promote it and use it; Ubuntu has really gotten too heavy for my liking almost Windows like.

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Yggdrasil flows off the tongue, Fuduntu just sounds horrible and gives no credibility to the distro with such a horrendous name. To catch you all up, several new team members have joined http: Wonderful, don’t forget to check the MD5 sums. Updates should be smoother on F14 than before, I assume? Fudyntu reading into it have though.

The program is light and etc, and works very snappy. What made you want to branch off another distribution? Going forward, Fuduntu releases will be numbered as aati Thunderbird’s arguably better than Evolution.

After that I eneded up at GDM. Fuduntu started off as a customized Fedora install, but recently forked Fedora to create their own special distro that borrowed a bit from Ubuntu and a bit from Fedora.

Recent Drivers  CMI8738 PCI-SX DRIVER

Fuduntu Linux

This is now installed by default. I still think Ubuntu puts out a superior product, in all its variations.

Firstly well done, clearly something in Fuduntu is working Completely Fair Queuing allows IOs to hang out in cache for an undefined period of time. Open standards are soooo uncool.

Major packages only 52 All tracked packages To compare the software fufuntu this project to the software available in other distributions, please see our Compare Packages page. It seems a perfect fit for my laptop. On top of this add the fact that Fuduntu itself is a combination of two other Linuxes Ubuntu and Fedora which makes it a very usable Linux with the best of both Linuxes, best of two worlds.

Need a bit of support with installation.

Fuduntu – Wikipedia

Congrats, seems like project is going well. I have it installed in Maverick it just seems like a menu to do stuff gnome power manager already does. I promised myself to quit distro hopping for awhile, yet you guys keep pulling me back in.: Learn different types of networks, concepts, architecture and You know, freedom and all that jazz.: It is important for projects to be distinguashable form one another.

Anyway, I will switch from windows as soon as I have a week of spare time to get used to it. My focus now will be building driver packages, creating a road map, building a release notes template, and fduuntu on a design spec.


The point isn’t to be Fedora, or Ubuntu, the point is to find it’s own place in-between hence the name. This second Study Guide describes the basics of Java, providing an overview of operators, modifiers and control Structures.

: Fuduntu

I pushed kernel 2. With my carefully applied analytics the evidence shows that is not garbage, nor a salad, thus not a salad consisting of garbage.

This has to be the worst distro name out there. There have been totally unrelated web sites that have been forced to change their logo just because it looked a little similar to Ubuntu’s logo. Yup, it is downloading now. The developers chose the name Fuduntu because the distro is designed to fit “somewhere in between Fedora and Ubuntu”according to its developers.