Its score of 74 showed it will handle most commonly used applications like Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Office, as well as some video encoding and rendering applications among other tasks. The entire notebook feels strong and well constructed. The included super-multi drive is Lightscribe enabled, but no software is given to use this functionality. The internal speakers are reasonable for a notebook, though they lack bass. The Asus name has been synonymous with quality notebooks, and the F3sv-A1 certainly exemplifies it.

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F3dv data science skills is one of the best things that you can do for your career. In 3DMark SE it scored a healthy 16, more than enough to handle older games with ease. The one connection lacking here is HDMI, which is becoming very common on modern televisions and home theatre systems.

At the command line, after logging in, I typed. I need power and lots of it. Sign up to gain exclusive access to email subscriptions, event invitations, competitions, giveaways, and much more. Sturdy, speedy and yet simple, the F3Sv has some perks, but mainly it just gets the job done.

The built-in speakers are located near the screen, and produce an unusually powerful, well amplified sound that is fairly well rounded for notebooks in general. The current LiveCD releases of Ubuntu do not work.


Asus Drivers Download

Membership is free, and your security and privacy remain protected. All benchmarks below were performed using modded ForceWare It is very responsive when the mouse speed is moved to the fullest setting in Vista.

Images appear rich and vibrant. The disappointment lies in the 1GB standard memory. Sign in with LinkedIn Sign in with Facebook. Asus provides worldwide tech support numbers along with the technical literature. Like all notebooks, the F3sv comes preloaded with unwanted or unnecessary software. As you can see, there were points in the game that were choppy but for the most part the game ran exceptionally smoothly and is enjoyable to play.

That’s not to say it’s entirely devoid of interesting features. The chassis is entirely made from strong plastic. In any case, the new card has range equal to or better than the ABG predecessor.

I called the Asus tech support twice to see how long I would be put on hold.

ASUS F3Sv Review: – Notebooks – All Purpose – PC World Australia

Included at the top of the screen is a rotating, 1. The notebook feels very sturdy and professional. The F3sv-A1 is a replacement for the previous F3j line of notebooks, sporting a new build, motherboard while still preserving the high-end yet budget gaming experience.


It is indeed a very satisfying screen with excellent f33sv viewing angles. Asus provides a thirty day Zero Bright Dot policy, a one year battery pack warranty, and a two-year warranty on the entire notebook. The keyboard is a normal, full size set of keys, including function keys that control display output, touchpad use, volume, screen brightness, and other Asus specific functions.

I was able to install Ubuntu 7. However, a full reformat will reinstall all the original software. The brightness levels are good enough, but the contrast levels aren’t so notable and it suffers from the same issue seen on most notebook screens: One memory bay is free for a quick upgrade up to ahdio max.

In effect, there is no way to do a clean Vista install since the OEM disk is a factory restore image. Asus has f3xv the LifeTouch software to use the video and still abilities of this camera.

This is unusual, since the Lightscribe feature is noted on the invoice and the optical drive label.