Commons category link is on Wikidata. Cons Sometimes having only the 5 inch screen leaves you wishing for more screen real estate. June Bookeen published a much improved firmware. Thinner than a traditional paper back, the Opus is easily carried in a bag or purse, or even a large pocket. At the time, E-Ink screens were a new technology and claimed to have a near paper-like appearance that did not cause eyestrain. As a paperback, the Opus can be easily arranged in a hand bag or a purse. At the end of , Bookeen started to claim future support for the ePub eBook format.

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Cybook Opus eBook Reader Review |

To a host computer the Cybook functions as a typical USB opuss storage device. The Cybook Opus is an ultra-light reading device based on E Ink screen technology. View our privacy policy before signing up. Thanks to the joys of flash memory and E-ink screens, you can now condense your collection into a thin slab of gadgety goodness.

Cybook Opus Review – Bookeen’s 5″ eBook Reader

Although I initially thought this was a cool feature, I must admit that after the first week of use I turned it off as it was getting quite annoying. This protection allows the Cybook customer to access more thancontemporary copyrighted titles.

Bookeen says that the rechargeable and replaceable lithium polymer battery supports up to page turns between charges. Initial impressions can be misleading though and, despite the cheap build quality, the Cybook Opus reveals itself to be a remarkably capable little machine once you put it to use.

Bookeen Cybook Opus eBook reader

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Officially you can make 8, page turns, in real-life terms you will have from two to three weeks of use between charges. There are many different stores now selling EPUB ebooks.


It also has a built-in accelerometer that shifts the text’s orientation every time you turn the device 90 degrees alternatively, you can press a button to reorient text. It also does not have Wi-Fi access, text-to-speech support nor the possibility of listening to music while reading. Sign up to gain ppus access to email subscriptions, event invitations, competitions, giveaways, and much more.

But you won’t find extras such as a music player, the ability to create notes, or text-to-speech support. It stores up to 1, titles in cgbook of built in flash memory. This display allows for reading under a number of different lighting conditions, including direct sunlight.

Books are replaced on average after 26 loans, claims HarperCollins. To charge the device, you use the same included Cybolk cable that you use for transferring content to it either via free Adobe Digital Editions software or by dragging and dropping to storage.

Running on the Boo Reader software there are two basic interface modes, list-all and folder mode, both of which are very straightforward to use. And though the Sony Reader Pocket Edition is heavier than the Opus and has fewer font options, it is similar in size and costs a little less.

It’s designed to fit in either hand comfortably, and has a long battery life of about pages. There are 12 different font sizes and a zooming options. The menu is activated by a dedicated button, and then there’s a back button to return to the previous option or screen.


When the frontline model of Bookeen was introducedthe Swedish twin version was also manufactured and sold by AdLibirs in the Scandinavian market. Most of the top publishers provide their books for Adobe DRM: Its screen possesses a paper-like high contrast appearance and is readable under direct sunlight.

Bookeen Cybook Opus Review

Bookeen Cybook Opus accessories. It takes 5 hours for a full charge. Mobipocket doesn’t allow Opuss ebook support for both their format and Adobe Digital Editions at the same time. Pros Extremely light, intuitively designed, ePub support ensures plenty of content, lots of font sizes.

All the controls change to match the orientation, and behave as a user would expect – whichever page button is “top” or “right” will go to the next page, and the “bottom” or “left” button will go to the previous page, no matter which way around you cybooo the Opus.

It has an accelerometer olus allows it to switch from portrait to landscape mode automatically if the option is enabledwhich will appeal equally to left and right-handed readers. You can also copy your data in a Micro SD card and plug it in the Opus Micro SD slot, the stored content will automatically appear Multi-Format Support Different kinds cybbook documents can be found on the Internet or can be generated by text editors.

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